Weight Watchers Revipes

Weight Watchers Diet - Basic Principles

Basic principles

No food is not banned, all are allowed in moderate amounts - this is the basic principle of this method, which encourages a varied and balanced supply associated with regular physical activity. The pleasure of eating is not excluded from this diet.

The supply, developed with the help nutritionisti, are based on principles 6:

  • A diversified supply, which allows consumption of all foods in moderate amounts
  • Consumption of 1.5 to 2 l of liquid per day, of which at least 1 litre of water
  • Gate at least 5 fruits and vegetables per day
  • At least 2 dairy products per day
  • Reducing consumption of fat
  • The practice of regular physical activity
Weight loss is achieved gradually, to avoid the yoyo effect. Weekly support meetings allow participants to motivate each other and to change eating habits in the long term.