Weight Watchers Revipes

Weight Watchers Diet - Introduction


Weight Watchers diet, created in the United States in 60 years, is a unique method of lessening, associate for the first time a diet based on a points system and psychological support.

The points drawn up by Weight Watchers diet is an innovation in the lessening of dietelor and enjoyed a huge success in Britain, Ireland, Australia and the United States. The method is flexible, easy to use and can be passed regardless of your software

To effectively weak and will maintain silueta is not enough kilograms loss in excess. In addition, you must quit all wrong eating habits acquired in the course of life. This may be done with the points of Weight Watchers diet.

How does Weight Watchers diet?

Weight Watchers diet follow 3 simple rules:

1. Each person has a number of points, defined according to certain criteria (age, sex, weight, height, physical activity daily).

The table below indicates the number of points allowed each day.

Weight current Women Men over 16 years over 18 years Teenagers

Under 64 kg 18 20 24

Between 64 and 74 kg 20 22 26

Between 74 and 94 kg 22 24 28

Between 94 and 109 kg 23 25 29
Between 109 and 124 kg 24 26 30

2.For each kind of food there is a certain number of points, calculated from the number of calories and fat per 100 grams. As the food contains more fat, so valoreaza more points.

3.Activitatea physics allows you to gain bonus points which can be used to offer small pleasures gurmande.

All you have to do is to make nutrition control not to exceed the number of points allowed.