Weight Watchers Revipes

Weight Watchers Recipes: Turnips

Serves: 4
Calories/serving: 114
WW points per serving: 2

Fibre: 2.2g, protein: 2.6g, fat: 8.5g
  • 4 medium-size turnips, trimmed
  • salt to taste
  • 3og/1oz unsalted butter
  • 3 rashers streaky bacon
1. Boil the turnips in salted water until fork-soft. Drain well and, using a potato masher, mash the turnips with the butter until smooth.
2. Fry the bacon in a non-stick frying pan. Remove the bacon but leave the fat in the pan. Spoon the turnips into the pan and saute until they are crispy. Remove to a bowl, crumble the bacon on top and serve.


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