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Pilates for body, mind and state of health!

Pilates is a system of physical exercise, working muscles in depth as well as the peripheral, which exercises require the body, mind and respiration.

The objective of Pilates : - obtaining a balance muscle, increase control, force and body flexibility, and protecting articulatiile behind, feeling the energy accompanied by a relaxation, reduction of stress

If you understand the philosophy, pilates technique can be adapted to any discipline or activities that a desfasurati during a day.

It is a method for those who want for the first time a physical activity, but also for those who seek perfection movements.

It is indicated and recommended for all people who usually suffer from back problems or a muscle injury.

It can be practiced by any person, regardless of age they are, taking into account the physical characteristics.

In efecuation of Pilates exercise to be held a few rules - held correct - control every muscle during exercise

-- Respiration
-- Knowledge "centre body"
-- Focus
-- Precision
-- Relaxation

Tips to be held account:
-- No matter how difficult it would be the exercise itself, you should not feel tension and rigid
-- Exercises should be made with precision, viewed the area from which the body works and concentration
-- Body position and execution exercise requires maximum fairness.
-- Must have control over body movements and to obtain a profound domination of the body and mind. The entire body is connected to the effort and work unit.
-- Use of mind as exercise of imagination - images internal what was happening with our bodies and the areas involved and of visual objects.
-- Method of execution, as well as the exercise to be completed in a manner that continues into an exact choreography.