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Women's diets during pregnancy
Women's diets during pregnancy are very important-it depends on both the growth and development of the baby as well as good organization of pregnancy. Pregnancy is a physiologic state very demanding in terms of food. For this reason, expectant mothers should consume daily at each meal and food from all groups, to provide all the nutrients needed body-protein, fat, carbohydrate, vitamins and minerals, and water and fibers. No food is not consumed completely individual, association only foods from different groups allows ensuring a balance best food.
The pregnant women's nutritional needs vary depending on the stage of pregnancy is located. Thus, in the first four months of pregnancy, the mother builds reserves of protein and energy. A food restriction in this period would lead to real risks for baby developing . After the first four months of pregnancy, the baby is using reserves accumulated by his mother, 95% of the increase was taking place during this period. A restrictive diet in the last 20 weeks of pregnancy could severely disrupt baby's growth.

A balanced supply

During pregnancy, nutritional needs are greater, and to meet them must grant the importance of food quality and not quantity. Choose for a pattern of regular food, without jumping over meals and without snaking products between sweet or fatty meals. Take three meals a day, balanced in terms of energy, which you can fill them with two light snaks.
Do not hesitate to variate food and drink a lot of water, too, avoid alcohol and tobacco and, if necessary, reduce consumption of caffeine.
Keep always balance food intake insistand on carbohydrate, iron and calcium. Also, take supplements prescribed by a doctor.