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Vegetarian Diet - Part II

The benefits and risks vegetarian diet

Studies have shown that the incidence of hypertension, fatness, MI, diabetes and cardiovascular problems is to lower the vegetarian adherents. The beneficial effects of these is the fact that vegetarian diet provides little saturated fat and cholesterol in the blood is low.

Also, this type of restaurant can reduce the risk of some types of cancer.

In general, vegetarians give more attention to nutrition, and do not fumeaza sport. In short, have a way of life May healthy. Vegetarian diet can be balanced if it provides all the nutrients needed and if not exluse too much food. Instead, when foods are excluded in large numbers, as is the case strictly vegetarian regime, compliance with diet is sometimes with difficulty.

According to specialized studies that have examined the nutritional status of vegetarians, the food intake of vitamins (vitamin D and B12) and minerals (iron, calcium, zinc) is lower than recommended, with repercussions on health.