Weight Watchers Revipes

Healthy Diet

A healthy lessening diet is the one that reduce consumption of calories, providing the necessary nutritional principles of the body. Dietele strict and exaggerated physical efforts are not an option indicated. Our body needs slow changes in supply and physical activity. For example, a sedentary person should not begin directly with one hour of exercise or sport demanding, because you get a result opposite to that desired. Not only fatigue that is installed will lead to the abandonment of deterrence and any other attempts of this kind, but the person will expose the risk of accidents.

In addition, strict diets leading to the formation of a vicious circle: lose a few kilograms, which immediately put them back, sometimes in larger number (the famous yoyo effect), then a regular new regime to escape lessening of kilograms added because of the first diets.

An effective programme of lessening should include:
  • a healthy supply
  • a balanced nutrition
  • Physical activity frequency
Diet and caloric needs
The body uses food to gain energy. The surplus energy is stored as body fat. Thus, if a person consumes more than the body needs for daily activities and maintaining cells, will get fat.

To weak, as the body needs to use these deposits of fat. The most effective way to achieve this is: reducing the number of calories consumed increase the level of physical activity.

This explains that in nutricionist put emphasis equally on diet and physical activity.

Reducing consumption of calories and nutrition habits not amend equate to renounce all your favorite sweets. On the contrary, they can be consumed, but in moderate amounts, for example, only at special occasions.

A reduction of 300 to 500 the number of calories consumed daily, has the decrease effect with 1 kg per week. This is a realistic goal, which, although may seem a bit, equally with a lessening of 18 to 20 kg per year!

Steps small but sure
Small changes may cause unexpected high. Thus, consumand a cracker on the extra day, you can get fat with 2.5 kg per year - give up the cracker and you weak in the same measure.
It is easier to substitute whole milk with the (semi)-skimmed or to find time every morning for breakfast than to adapt to the rules of a very strict diet.
You have to think at lessening as a permanent change your food habits. While lessening targets are set in a period of several weeks, the ultimate aim is to maintain the weight gained within a few months and even years.
There is no short lessening for a healthy and easily maintained. Dietele hipocalorice (under 1500 calories a day) descres body, are hard to follow and does not represent a long-term solution.

Reducing consumption of calories
To weak, should consumam fewer calories than the body uses. This does not mean necessarily that we should eat less. We can continue to enjoy our favorite foods and also to maintain regular and a healthy lifestyle with the help of simple methods:

Preparation of variations of the favorite food, but with fewer calories - replacing ingredients rich in calories with fruits and vegetables. Water and fibres from fruit and vegetables give volume, so you can eat the same amount of food, but consumand fewer calories. Fruits and vegetables have a low fat content and calories.
Choose milk, sorts of meat and no fat. They not only help you weight loss, but prevent and increase blood pressure.
Make daily movement. Get involved in any type of physical activity - dancing, gardening, walking, tennis or golf. All these help you a state of physical and mental well, scapand at the same time kilos more.

Resumption of physical activity
Choose an activity fun and easy to carry out, in terms of location and cost, which was a integrate in daily routine. Even light physical activity - walking for 20 minutes - can be beneficial, if done most days in weeks.

There are a lot of ways to increase the level of physical activity: sports team, sessions of aerobic, jogging, walking, swimming and cycling. All these will help you with calories burn and fat.